Hamptons Concierges Catering To Better Class Of Douchebags

It's not online, but it's worth your dropping your two bits for the Hamptons Survival Guide in today's Post, particularly if you enjoy reading about douchebags. In an article called "Pay for the Privilege," the paper introduces you to Tony Abrams, "lifestylist." Tony runs a concierge service called The 400 (the… » 5/23/07 1:35pm 5/23/07 1:35pm

Bancrofts Meet , Murdoch Cuts

"Tuesday," reports the Wall Street Journal, "Richard F. Zannino, the chief executive of Dow Jones, sent a note to employees saying the intense coverage of the News Corp. offer 'is finally showing signs of abating as there have been no significant new developments in recent days.'" That came, of course, in the wake of… » 5/23/07 8:50am 5/23/07 8:50am

Rupert Murdoch Ends Attempt To Buy Dow Jones, Some Guys Say

Hey, did you hear that it's all over? Rupert Murdoch's play for Dow Jones, that is! Seems that a couple of analysts have told their investors that because nothing has happened so far with the bid in the three weeks since it became public, News Corp. is going to take its $60-a-share offer and walk away. And, you know,… » 5/22/07 6:59pm 5/22/07 6:59pm